“I’m just trying to make songs that I wish existed and work towards a sound that feels the most like me.” —Hope Tala (@hopetala) “Writing songs is a huge source of strength, power and confidence for me. It shows me the benefit of being sensitive and wearing my heart on my sleeve, which helps me embrace that in my life outside of writing,” says the 23-year-old London-based singer, whose sound blends early 2000s R&B pop music, bossa nova and indie music influences. “I got into writing poetry as a teenager and started playing guitar around the same time, so I would adapt the poems I wrote into song lyrics, which is still a large part of my writing process to this day,” she says. “The weird time we’ve been living in has impacted me in a lot of ways, but mostly it has made me a lot more reflective and introspective — and focused on getting my priorities straight. I’m proud of making art that is special to me and that other people have connected to it as well.” Photo of @hopetala by @malamatula

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