“Style is an extension of your identity. It shows people who you are and what you like without even having a conversation.” —22-year-old fashion creator Oli Bromfield (@olibrom) “I have learned over the last few years to be me authentically and dress and wear whatever speaks to me regardless of others’ opinions — and that is how I would like to show up in the world,” says Oli, who lives in the UK. “My inspiration comes a lot from the ‘70s. I love the flared trousers, crazy prints and the overall vibe. The mix of oversized silhouettes within tailoring is something I am obsessed with. Also, color theory is something I really consider when creating my content; it brings me so much joy seeing these bright colors and even more wearing them. I love blurring the line between men’s and women’s fashion, as I feel like clothes are genderless — you should wear whatever makes you feel great. I really hope people see my images and think of freedom, joy and expression. I truly post what makes me feel amazing and I hope that emanates through to whoever is viewing it.” Reel by @olibrom Music by @migos

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