“Our love for art has helped us discover our confidence, bravery, strong mind and true love.” —Ebinum Brothers (@ebinumbrothers) Victory Ebinum, 22, and Marvel Ebinum, 19, describe themselves as artistic communicators rather than dancers. “We express ourselves in different art forms,” says the fraternal duo. “Being brothers definitely makes our collaborative process special — we share like minds and the connection is instant. We passed through the same struggles, so we understand how we feel without saying a word.” “Growing up as artists in Lagos was difficult due to the lack of good studios, finance, good teachers and Afro dance being the major style,” they say. “We were laughed at, discouraged and alone. We were like outlanders in Nigeria because we didn’t have a community. We had to learn everything by ourselves, find who we are and discover our purpose, which gave us a direction. We are inspired by our life experiences. We communicate this by tapping into the specific emotion and letting ourselves go so others can feel what we feel. It's not about the movement, it's about the feeling.” Photo of @ebinumbrothers by @slimshowroom

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