“Style and sustainability don’t have to be two separate things. They can be one and the same, and sustainable living itself should be fun.” —Black and Mexican creator Jazmine Rogers (@thatcurlytop) “One of my biggest motivations is to challenge the idea that sustainable fashion is boring. I love wearing bright colors and mixing fun patterns together; I always like to let my inner child dress me for the day in whatever it wants,” says Jazmine, who explores what it means to live a low-impact lifestyle and advocates for intersectional environmental change. “I love thrifting because there’s so much creativity involved. But there are many ways to be involved with sustainable fashion — rewearing pieces and loving the pieces you have is something we forget about when it comes to our clothing. And you can support small businesses, choose secondhand or support brands that actually care about the planet and people and have more ethical practices. It's just doing what you can with what you have. It takes individual and collective action to seed change that we want and bring the systemic change that we want to see.” Photos by @thatcurlytop

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