“I’m Audrey. I love the smell of babies and the sound of high heels on concrete. My music is a weird mix of R&B and homemade samples,” says Korean American artist Audrey Nuna (@audreynuna), by way of introduction. “I sing about my own experiences and the sh*t I can’t say but can write about. So in a way, it’s the most honesty I’ll probably ever give,” adds the 22-year-old from New Jersey, whose music’s running themes include food, being a loner and feeling free. “Being Korean is just a part of who I am and how my parents raised me. Also being a part of two worlds is my comfort zone.” Audrey dropped her full-length debut earlier this year having put her education on hold to pursue music. “I’ve always wanted to do this. It just felt obvious to me. I’m most proud that I get to do this with my friends and people who I genuinely care about and vice versa. I haven’t compromised that.” Photo of @audreynuna by @khufunajee

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