Our planet is in crisis. 🌍💚 “For too long, we’ve been speaking about climate change as an environmental problem or a problem of nature without truly addressing that this is first and foremost a social justice issue. All of our climate storytelling should include and center voices of those disproportionately impacted, who have also been historically excluded from the conversation.” —Alice Aedy (@aliceaedy) Alice is a climate activist, documentary filmmaker and co-founder of Earthrise (@earthrise.studio), a digital platform that aims to humanize the impacts of the climate crisis by giving voice to the marginalized communities that are on the frontlines of the climate crisis. And while there is endless work to be done in the fight for climate justice, Alice believes that no act is too small and no voice too little to join the movement. ✊✊ “In the past, I’ve felt reluctant to add my voice to the climate movement because I’m scared of being called a hypocrite. But know that none of us are perfect and we’re all complicit in the systems that govern us. So just do your best, and don’t let anyone stop you from adding your voice to the movement.” Hear more from Alice on ways you can be part of the climate movement right on our story now. And check out the climate activists and organizations she's following —@ninagualinga, @lizwathuti, @climateincolour and @intersectionalenvironmentalist. Reel by @aliceaedy

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