For 15-year-old actress Saniyya Sidney (@saniyyasidney), preparing to portray one of the world’s greatest athletes was no small feat. 🎾✨🎾✨🎾✨ “I never played tennis before I did the movie. I’m left-handed, so I do everything with my left hand, and I had to step into Venus’ shoes and play with my right… that was probably one of the most challenging things.” She’s talking about the legendary Venus Williams, one of the central characters in the film “King Richard” — officially in theaters and on @hbomax today. The movie is all about the Williams family and their road to becoming the tennis stars we know today. #TakeABreak with Saniyya as she shows off skills she learned on set. “I hope this inspires you to pick up a new skill and jump out of your comfort zone.”

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