“Playful with a punk edge.” 💖 That’s how 19-year-old artist De’Von Kitt (@kaprisun_kid) describes their style. “When I put on my outfits, I feel extravagant and complete.” “Creating androgynous looks wasn’t purposeful. It [just] kinda happened. I love womenswear more than menswear. I still enjoy presenting myself as masculine, and add that contrast with feminine clothing. It helps me harmonize both sides to me.” They’re inspired by 90s Harajuku street style, 19th century fashion, plus Lolita, punk and mall punk subcultures. “I mix patterns and colors to create a cohesive look that still creates confusion once it’s looked at for too long,” says De’Von, who thrifts 90% of their outfits. “I hope when people look at my images, they get inspired, and learn how to express themselves more — and that you can be unapologetically yourself.” Photos by @kaprisun_kid

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