“Women are at the forefront of the climate crisis,” explains 23-year-old environmental justice advocate and Oxford University student Wanjiku “Wawa” Gatheru (@wawa_gatheru). Wawa was granted the Rhodes, Truman and Udall scholarships — she’s the first Black person to be selected for all three — and the founder of @blackgirlenvironmentalist. Wawa is committed to uplifting the voices of those most adversely impacted by climate change. “I decided to dedicate my life to environmental justice when I made the connection that while the climate crisis is the biggest threat to Black life, we are being sidelined in the very movement tasked with solving it. Gender inequality around the world makes us more vulnerable to environmental stressors. Women of color, especially Black and Indigenous women, bear an even heavier burden from the impacts of climate change because of the continuing impacts of racism and colonialism. It is precisely our proximity to climate injustice that makes us the most qualified to lead. We are already leading on solutions to survive.” Photo by @wawa_gatheru

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