Every day for the past 12 months, Jenny Cha (@chaserize) documented her “hedgehog” hair growth. She’s experimented with ever-changing styles and colors but hasn’t trimmed her hair yet. “I shaved my head for the first time in the spring of 2020, then after nine months of buzz cuts, I thought, ‘Why not make January 1 the last day to shave?’ It was such a perfect day to start 365 days of progress,” says the animation and digital art student. "I used to feel so gray and boring and kind of scared to stand out, but shaving my head is honestly the best thing I did for my self-esteem. I had to learn to be creative with my looks and felt a world open up to me on how I could express myself. My style is pretty much evolving all the time — and I’m trying to listen more and more to my inner voice and what makes my heart flutter. I really want to convey that it’s human not to be polished and ‘perfect’ all the time, and I hope my videos give confidence to people to just be themselves and do the best with what they have and who they are now.” So, what’s Jenny Cha’s hair plan for 2022? “I’m very tempted to shave again as a research project — but at the same time I love having colored hair, so I haven’t decided yet.” Reel by @chaserize Music by The Backyardigans

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