“As history has informed us, our stories are often told for us and reinterpreted in inauthentic ways. It’s great when it comes directly from the source, all the aspects of it — our Blackness, our wins, our losses, our joy, our trauma. Nobody can tell our stories but us, and from that, we start to build the future.” —Writer Louis Pisano (@louispisano) A self-proclaimed “child of the internet,” Louis credits their passion for fashion to growing up online. “Some people are embarrassed to talk about how much they’re obsessed with the internet, but not me,” says Louis, who lives in Paris and is originally from NYC. “I fully embrace it. It’s like a calming and often infuriating constant presence in my life since I was a kid and has made me who I am today.” For Louis, representation and inclusivity is an act of rebellion. “It’s a rebellion against everything we’re told that fashion and the industry was. [It’s] writing the next chapter for the next generation.” Today on our story, Louis takes us around Paris and shares a few favorite fashion accounts. #ShareBlackStories Video by @louispisano

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