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License to crawl.

On today’s #WeeklyFluff we are sneaking into the weekend with Lucky (@lucky_theblackcat_1), a 1-year-old American shorthair rescue cat who goes into stealth mode when she’s excited.

Reel by @lucky_theblackcat_1
Music by John Barry OrchestraStaying on the beat all the way through the week. 🥁💯

Keep the party going with more good vibes on today’s story.

Reel by @kennedyjardine
Music by @direalshaggyWhen emojis hit different IRL. 🤪 🤭
Reel by @tarun_kinra
Music by Hanz AxlA woman wearing a pink and green checkered dress with a blue sky overhead.A person sits in front of a white backdrop wearing black glasses, red lipstick, a pastel top, brown jacket and pin-striped pants.“I’m pretty unapologetic for who I am, even though I should really come as a 1+1 deal with some earplugs.” —20-year-old creator Chammy Choi (@porojin) 😂😂😂 
"Humor is the underlying layer to my life. I make jokes about the happiest times in my life as well as the saddest because I think laughter is the best medicine,” says Chammy, who likes to mix things up with her dance, fashion and comedy videos. 
“I definitely cater my content to Asian Americans because I think there’s a severe lack of content geared towards our experience that isn’t based on generic stereotypes. And I think it’s important to use my platform to open conversations about overarching societal problems as well,” she says. “Being proud of the content I create and creating content that’s genuine to who I am is the most important thing to me.” 
Reel by @porojinTwo men with pink-dyed hair wearing white T-shirts sit on top of a metal container with a blue sky overhead.You know what they say… it takes a village!
It’s Emmys night (@televisionacad) and actress-comedian Meg Stalter (@megsstalter) is ready to make a grand entrance with a little help from her highly esteemed personal staff (aka her mom and two siblings). 💖💫
The “Hacks” breakout star is taking us along for the day as she prepares for the big moment.
She’s got the glam 💄, she’s got the red carpet rollout 📸, only one thing seems to be missing…
Check out our video to see if Meg will make it to the Emmys on @cbstv after all 🤞❤️😂
Video by @megsstalterOn today’s #WeeklyFluff meet Norbu (@rinchen__norbu), a Hequ do-khyi Tibetan mastiff with more than enough floof to go around.
“This is how much undercoat Norbu has lost during shedding season,” says his human Judith. “Lots of brushing and vacuuming to survive this time of the year.”
Reel by @rinchen__norbu 
Music by The Guy Who Sings Your Name Over and OverLooking for that perfect first day back-to-school fit? @nico1eodeon has you covered. 👚 👜 📚 🤣
Check out today’s story for more tips, fits and smiles to lead you in the new school year.
Reel by @nico1eodeon“You’ll remember a joke more than you’ll remember a lesson. People love to laugh. And if you are learning something new at the same time, it’s easily digestible — even to a close-minded community.” —Courtney Taylor (@thisiscourt_) 
“I want to celebrate Black voices, stand for the rights of people of color in a way that satirizes the problems we experience on a daily basis,” says the LA-based actress who’s known for her relatable, “keeping it real” comedy. 
“Bringing light or comedy to most of the challenges we experience allows for people to really take a look at what’s going on in the world without scolding people to do better. I hope my videos allow for people to think outside of our norms, question what doesn’t make sense and take the right steps to making a REAL inclusive society.” 
Reel by @thisiscourt_“I believe that our traditions and history as Latinx people make us and unite us. I enjoy seeing more people feeling proud of their culture and their roots,” says 17-year-old Mexican-American singer-songwriter Ángela Aguilar (@angela_aguilar_).

With a new album on the way, Ángela is putting her own youthful spin on traditional music, after being raised by some of the greats: her fam. 👼🏻

“Music has been a part of my family for many generations. My grandfather and grandmother were artists. They acted in dozens of movies and sang all around the world,” Ángela says. “I don’t think that there could be a way to do what I do without my culture. It’s with me in my wardrobe, in my songs, but most importantly, in my heart.”

This #LatinxHeritageMonth, we’re turning up the volume on young artists like Ángela, who are sharing music inspired by their home and heritage for the whole world to hear. 🎶 🌎 🎶

And the music continues on our story, where Ángela shares the soundtrack to her life right now.

Reel and music by @angela_aguilar_