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Love is in the air.

On today’s #WeeklyFluff, meet Paca (@i_am_paca), a friendly and calm Boston terrier who is floating into the weekend.

Reel by @i_am_paca
Music by @leorizzimusicCasual lil dancey dance 🤩


Reel by @jacecameronn
Music by @clairo“The beauty of Hike Clerb is that the sisterhood and community are felt from the moment you come out for a hike with us,” says Evelynn Escobar, the founder and executive director of Hike Clerb (@hikeclerb).

Founded in 2017, Hike Clerb is a Los Angeles-based intersectional women’s hike group with a mission to equip women of color with the tools, resources, education and experiences they need to collectively heal in nature. “Hike Clerb seeks to celebrate the inherent connection that we all have to nature. It celebrates the idea of taking up space and owning every aspect of who you are, allowing you to show up as your full self in an environment that may have not felt innately welcoming because of the structures that be.”

Music by Nick Drake“I like to look extraordinary. No ‘normal’ clothes.” Sarbajit Sarkar (@ranautneel) combines a love of fashion with a love of nature. The self-proclaimed #VillageFashionInfluencer re-creates celebrity high-fashion looks using materials from their small rural village and the surrounding forests in Tripura, northeastern India.

“I love being inspired by looks created at the Met Gala and Cannes. I’m very inspired by natural things and all things nature: flowers, leaves, anything that I can pick up from the natural world around me. I find beauty in nature and love showcasing that through the videos I make. My parents and my family have always encouraged me, always appreciated my art, never questioned my work or my choices. They have been so supportive of me, and I feel so proud and grateful for them.

I want people all over the world to see my content, and to know that creativity and fashion is possible from anywhere without spending money on expensive clothes or styling. I hope that others, especially those who come from villages like me, see my work and are inspired to be themselves. I do this because it brings me joy — and that's what I want to focus on.”

Reel by @ranautneel
Music by @sappheirosmusicDigital art of a figure with purple hair and fish all around.Some good clean fun for #WeeklyFluff

Meet Daon Oh (@cat_daon__), a cute and resourceful rescue who loves multitasking when he showers.

Reel by @cat_daon__Miles Chamley-Watson (@fencer) has a need for speed. 🏎 🔥

The two-time fencing World Champion and Olympic medalist attended the first-ever @f1 Miami Grand Prix. “It felt electric! The energy was so high and it was cool to see other athletes joining in the festivities.”

Take a tour and whip around the track with Miles and a few friends. 🏁

Music by @lionbabeAround the world


Reel by @justaiming
Music by @daftpunk“I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a therapist,” says Tasha Bailey (@realtalk.therapist). “So many people find it hard to voice their feelings and experiences, and I knew I wanted to help them, and myself, bridge that gap.”

Tasha, a UK-based professional therapist and self-love advocate, is all about what she calls “real talk,” open and honest dialogue that meets people exactly where they are in their healing journey. “My work is all about celebrating growth, resilience and vulnerability. Having real talk with ourselves can be hard and painful, but it is the only way for us to become the fullest versions of ourselves.”

On today’s story, Tasha shares a few of her favorite mental health and well-being accounts in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. 💕

Reel by @realtalk.therapist
Music by @aaron_frazer“I feel things often, and I have a lot of emotions, but I never considered myself to be good with words. I think that actions generally speak louder than words and dance is one of my favorite actions.”

Creator Sean Darko (@seandarko) is a second-generation Filipino American artist, born and raised in California where his creative roots run deep. “My grandparents are both ballroom dancers, and my grandfather has been an amateur filmmaker for as long as I can remember. My family’s house, and all the family photos inside, burned down in the Philippines before they immigrated to the States, so I think that informed my grandparents’ urge to document and record memories.

Growing up, I was able to fall in love with various American heritages, because I didn’t see anyone who looked like me doing the things I wanted to do. I think that’s partly because AAPI cultures didn’t get as much shine in mainstream media back then, which is why it’s important to me now to celebrate the Asian American community at all times.”


Reel by @seandarko
Music by @durandjonesandtheindications“We were all losing our minds. And I was in my closet, just making music.”

Artist Adekunle Gold (@adekunlegold) reflects on writing his song “One Woman” featuring Ty Dolla $ign (@tydollasign) at the start of the pandemic.

We’re behind the scenes in Los Angeles for their new music video — full of striking colors and good vibes. 🎵💚🔥Surreal artwork of a person wearing a backward baseball hat, vest and plaid shirt.