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🌈✨ “#ShareWithPride is about respecting each other,” says Nana Youngrong Kim (@nana_youngrongkim). “It is an attitude to treat others with love and positivity rather than hate.”
Whether in or out of makeup, South Korean drag creator Nana channels these words into creating fabulous, feel-good videos that brim with pride and positivity.
Nana’s inspiration comes in large part from living in the cultural hotspot that is Seoul, South Korea, and from being part of @neonmilk, an LGBTQ+ creative collective.
“Right now, South Korea is a country that the world loves,” Nana says. “K-Pop, fashion, food, everything! It’s really fun to work in the hottest place at the moment.”
Check out our story to see more of Nana’s Reels and looks.
Reel by @nana_youngrongkim 
Music by @charli_xcx“I feel like being present is something that I learned to do a lot during the pandemic,” says artist Khalid (@thegr8khalid), whose latest single is titled “Present.” 💛🎶 
“I got to a point where I didn’t even know what I wanted to write about anymore, so having all this time allowed me to reflect on my thoughts, recharge and refresh. Now the music that I’m making, to me, is my most personal, and honestly the most fun music I’ve been making in a while.” 🎶✨🎶 
Go behind the scenes in Malibu with Khalid as he creates (and celebrates) the music video for the song.A woman wearing a jean skirt and pink and black top stands with a blue sky and tree overhead.A woman wearing a black and white tye-dyed hoodie and sweatpants crouched in front of a white building.Brought together by a shared sense of style, Seidai Fujii, aka “Tokyo City Boy” (@____seidai), and Shin Yazawa, aka “Cozy” (@iamverycozy), channel the elegance of Japanese anime IRL to deliver “Tokyo culture, fashion and lifestyle to the world.”

The duo met just a few months ago. “Though our style is similar, we find ways to wear our clothes differently, which makes our videos fun and interesting,” says Shin. “I always combine the sense of classiness and streetwear together. The word ‘cozy,’ for me, means being confident, being your authentic self and being true to your roots. Most of all, I wear what I want to wear, and I do me.”

“Our relationship is just like brotherhood. We complement each other with our own characteristics,” says Seidai. “My style makes me feel confident, makes me shine and makes me feel like I am the main character of a movie.” Together, Seidai and Shin are co-stars in their very own, very stylish action-adventure.

Reel by @____seidai and @iamverycozy
Music by @screwstacheFor climate activist, drag queen and community organizer Pattie Gonia (@pattiegonia), the biggest threat to the environment is our disconnect from nature. 🌈🌲

“Humans have separated themselves from nature when, in fact, we are nature. The best solutions for this are forming strong relationships, connecting to nature and using our talents and skills to creatively advocate for our planet.”

Through their journey, Pattie found a passionate community of queer people and allies to increase awareness about environmental issues.

“We actually have far more tools than we think we do to take action for the planet. So, use your time, talent, resources and privileges to take creative action.”

Reel by @pattiegonia“One of my favorite types of characters to play is that sweet, nervous person trying their best to seem cool and comfortable,” says comedian Emily Wilson (@therealemilywilson). “This character is also known as ‘Emily Wilson in every single social interaction.’” 😎

“I feel like now more than ever we all know (or are) the good-intentioned person overcompensating by trying to act well-versed in another person's culture, religion, etc. I’ve definitely been that person, and I’ve been the new girlfriend trying to win over my S.O.’s parents AND I’ve also been on the receiving end of (good-intentioned) ignorance about Judaism.

Almost all of my videos come from me catching myself saying something weird, irritating or just a little off in real life, and then going, ‘Oh, that’s a whole character.’”

Reel by @therealemilywilson 
Music by @keshiTake it to the mat!

Meet Katmai the mini husky and Yoyo the Bengal cat (@katmaihusk_bengal). They’re best friends who share a special relationship and love of wrestling. 


Reel by @katmaihusk_bengal
Music by @dualipaA person with purple-dyed hair wearing glasses with their eyes closed; a blue sky with clouds is overhead.A woman wearing a beige sweater standing in a grassy field.“I’m Africa’s boyfriend.”

Chukwuka “CKay” Ekweani (@ckay_yo) is the Nigerian artist behind the international hit “Love Nwantiti.” The track initially went viral this past summer via unauthorized remixes and uncredited usage, even inspiring a dance challenge.

Now, the song is bringing recognition and reward to its writer, singer and producer CKay. “Love Nwantiti” is on its way to becoming the biggest song in the world.

“When I make music, it’s like I’m immortalizing the experiences and people I sing about,” says CKay. “I was in love and I literally freestyled the song in my living room back in 2019. ‘Love Nwantiti’ means ‘small love’ in Igbo — my native language. The other parts of the song are in [West African] pidgin English.

I call my genre emo-Afrobeats, because I put a lot of my emotional energy into it. My music is like my diary. I talk about my romantic experiences and people from all around the world are connecting with that. I’m proud of the fact that a failed relationship that had me heartbroken for months turned into something that is moving hearts around the whole world.”

Reel by @ckay_yo
Music by @ckay_yo, @djyo_official and @djaxel_officialBarber and hair artist Carlos Estrella (@los_cut_it) never creates the same design twice. 💈 ✂️ ⚡️
“I get inspiration from everyday things,” explains the Chicagoan, who started cutting hair when he was 12. “I tend to look at the carpet or flooring for inspiration. Graffiti has a lot to do with my form of designs as well.”

For today’s cut and color, Carlos tried on a pair of #RayBanStories smart glasses by @rayban and @meta to share his unique POV.

Reel by @los_cut_it
Music by @harloemusic