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“My work is simply to be enjoyed. I considered it escapism, something to indulge in and forget about the bullsh*t.” Alec West’s (@alec.fbx) colorful lo-fi renderings throw back to gaming’s early years. “I make animations that mainly just capture a moment in an ever-growing world, each video being another piece in the puzzle. All my life I have been creating art. In middle school, I would go on websites and watch pivot stick fighter animations all day. I would attempt my own crude versions at home downloading pre-made assets.”

Alec developed his pixelated world and original character Tri-Tails using free open-source software. “The work that took a team of 40-plus people 20 years ago, I can do in my room alone today. I am excited to see where these tools will take us and what will be made. I am in a server with extremely talented artists, ranging across many different forms of digital art and software. I don’t know what I would do without this community. Having people to reach out to for help and just general questions is something I won’t ever take for granted. This is something anyone should be able to do if they want. It’s our goal to not only inspire but help them achieve that goal.”

Video by @alec.fbx
Music by“I like to bottle up auras only I can see, in the hopes other people can see them too,” says Nat Ćmiel, the visual artist and musician who is manifesting the otherworldly, ethereal enigma that is yeule (@yeule).

“The yeule project is a sonic and visual time capsule that snapshots eras of my shape-shifting self and the experience of pathos. Musically, yeule lies somewhere between electronic nu-pop cy-earth music II and indie confessional emo.” Born in Singapore and based in London, the self-styled “glitch princess” was a quiet and introverted child before finding their sense of belonging online — drawing inspiration for yeule from the cyber dimension. “As a Singaporean artist, I feel proud of representing Southeast Asia in the electronic music scene. I stand for mental health awareness, trans rights and dedicate my work on this earth to the friends I lost, who couldn’t be seen the way they wanted to be.

I want to hit that spot where it hurts so bad and burns so hot, but you can never take a picture or show anyone what it looked like. Songwriting starts from the dreams and memories that scar the most and end up in my journal in crumpled pieces of paper. I hope it sounds pretty, even though the contents are decaying inside. I won’t sing something I don’t mean, and I don’t play something I don’t really like. There must be a reason why I chip at this concrete so meticulously, right? To make it look as close as it can to what I have seen with my own eyes.”

Video by @yeuleArtist Jon Batiste (@jonbatiste) is a whole vibe. 🎶 He’s heading to the Grammy Awards (@recordingacademy) with 11 different nominations — the most of any nominee this year. 🤯👏

But before Jon’s performance at the awards, he met up with friends in New York City for one of his self-proclaimed “love riots.”

“Love riots are like chaotic, fun, impromptu musical parades. It started as something I would do in transit from one place to the next, whether on the way to the recording studio or to rehearsal or even just to the market,” says Jon. “It borrows from the second-line tradition of my hometown New Orleans, typically starting with a few people and gathering folks along the way. I love the feeling of ceremony and sense of community that it brings.”

Meet Jon’s community and hear his soulful sound from the subway to the studio before tonight’s show in Las Vegas.🤍🏳️‍⚧️ “Growing up, I never really saw anyone who truly represented me in mainstream media. Trans Day of Visibility is important because it reminds trans people that they are not alone. There are so many people within our community who are making the world a better place. This day represents being bold and thriving in a world that is not always the most welcoming or safe for us.” —Writer and creator Devin Halbal (@devinhalbal)

Video by @devinhalbalWait for it...

Pounce into the weekend with Bowie (@bowie_the_siberian), who loves a good game of hide-and-seek or a playful attack.


Video by @bowie_the_siberianCat-puccino time.

Vinny (@vinny_the_blue_cat), a British blue shorthair, loves frothy drinks made from special cat milk.


Video by @vinny_the_blue_cat🚨 Can we have your attention, please?

We're on set with Nigerian artist Omah Lay (@omah_lay) who teamed up with Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) for their new single, “Attention.”

“One thing I hope people take away from this song especially is the emotion, the realness,” says Omah, known for his Afro-fusion beats. “It’s always about me telling a story.”For ceramicist Lisa Asano (@lisa_asano), every new vessel is a new journey. The creation process, the final product and what happens to a piece once it’s in someone’s hands — every step along its way is one worth celebrating.

“Black joy to me is just the most contagious joy. I feel like it’s the most fulfilling and happiest joy that you could ever feel. I’m lucky to say that I’m able to experience that type of joy in my life.”

This Black History Month, we’re continuing to #ShareBlackStories and celebrate Black joy in all its glory.

Video by @lisa_asanoJoy for Jordan Parker (@jpcharisma) means taking time for himself to do things he loves. Even better when that time is spent with butterflies. 🦋

“Every time you see them, they grab your attention,” says the butterfly gardener. “They’re just so elegant and so beautiful.”

This Black History Month, we’re continuing to #ShareBlackStories and celebrate Black joy in all its glory.Yasmeen “Yaz” Wilkerson ( surfs and skateboards around the world, spreading joy wherever she travels.

“What do I love about these sports? Everything. I love the way they make me feel. The lessons and teachings that I’ve learned in skateboarding and surfing, I definitely take and use in my daily life — whether it’s the art of determination, expression or how to communicate not only with other people, but with yourself.”

This Black History Month, we’re continuing to #ShareBlackStories and celebrate Black joy in all its glory.💦 Rub-a-dub-dub,
one cat in the tub! 💦

Meet Winnie (@showeringkitty), a 5-year-old rescue tabby who goes with the flow. “Winnie loves to go into the tub and under the faucet or showerhead,” says her human Enza. “She does this first thing in the morning and calls for me to come and turn on the water, often while I’m still in bed.” 😂

Video by @showeringkittyToday, we’re on set and behind the scenes with artist Shawn Mendes (@shawnmendes) as he films the video for his new song “It’ll Be Okay.” 🎶❤️🎶

“I was just really craving to make music that felt super honest and super raw and was going through some hard stuff at the time. Being able to just walk around Toronto — which is where I usually go back to process things and where you’ll find me in my most intimate moments — it feels like a perfect place and video for the song,” says Shawn of his hometown. ✨