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The great escape.

On today’s #WeeklyFluff we are squeezing into the weekend with Morae (@morae_2020), a 1-year-old British shorthair cat who is finding his way out of a tight spot.

Video by @morae_2020What’s up?

On today’s #WeeklyFluff, meet Elvis (@elvisumbrella) — a 13-year-old umbrella cockatoo who is stepping up and into the weekend.

Video by @elvisumbrellaOn today’s #WeeklyFluff we are floating into the weekend with Apricot (@a.p.ricot) and Hachon, two bichon frise friends who add up to a boat full of cuteness. 💕
 Video by @a.p.ricot“The most unique thing to me about jazz is that it’s limitless, it’s boundaryless, it’s a music that has no rules. The only rule is don’t follow the rules. People associate me with no limits. So in some ways, while people might think it’s weird that I sing jazz, I think it’s pretty spot on. I like to sing limitless music.” —Lady Gaga (@ladygaga)
We’re on set today with the inimitable Lady Gaga and her jazz musician friends as they honor another dear friend, the recently retired music icon Tony Bennett (@itstonybennett), who dreamed of making a second album with Gaga before revealing his Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis… proving that the power of music truly has no limits. This jazz tribute to Cole Porter, “Love For Sale,” is out today. 
“I hope that when people listen to this record, they take away the power of love through relationships. What I’ve learned in the process of creating ‘Love For Sale’ with Tony is that even if somebody is struggling with something like Alzheimer’s, the absolute world is possible with the power of music. I feel like Tony’s a part of me, he’s a part of my heart, he’s a part of my soul and he’s a part of who I am. And he will be forever.”You know what they say… it takes a village!
It’s Emmys night (@televisionacad) and actress-comedian Meg Stalter (@megsstalter) is ready to make a grand entrance with a little help from her highly esteemed personal staff (aka her mom and two siblings). 💖💫
The “Hacks” breakout star is taking us along for the day as she prepares for the big moment.
She’s got the glam 💄, she’s got the red carpet rollout 📸, only one thing seems to be missing…
Check out our video to see if Meg will make it to the Emmys on @cbstv after all 🤞❤️😂
Video by @megsstalterWhat do you get when you combine your close friends, live animals and an epic swimming pool? For music artist LILHUDDY (@LILHUDDY), it’s a party definitely worthy of crashing. 🎉🐴👙
The 19-year-old is releasing his debut album “Teenage Heartbreak” this week, and we got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the music video of his favorite angsty anthem. ❤️
“I want people to know that I’m never just tied to one thing or one genre. To see people just enjoying a song that means so much to me is my only sole purpose with it,” says LILHUDDY.
Since IRL parties still aren’t a thing… enjoy living vicariously through LILHUDDY’s!We are rolling into the weekend with Bella (@when_bella_met_mo), a 2-year-old British shorthair who has found her happy place. #WeeklyFluff

Video by @when_bella_met_moWatch out world, there’s a new Cinderella in town. ✨👗✨
“Cinderella is a girl who is literally trying to be an independent woman. She’s not trying to have a prince save her or anybody provide for her. She’s like, ‘I’m talented, I have ideas. I can provide for me and I can be an independent woman,’” says Camila Cabello (@camila_cabello). 
Similar to the iconic fairy tale princess, Camila is no stranger to chasing and achieving dreams. The singer-songwriter is making her acting debut in the modern movie musical of “Cinderella” (@cinderellamovieofficial) on @amazonprimevideo and is celebrating the release of her single “Don’t Go Yet.” 💕🎶 
“The movie is all about messages of empowerment and achieving your dreams in spite of obstacles and in spite of struggles and insecurities,” says Camila. Today, you can #TakeABreak with Camila as she finds an outfit fit for a ball for tonight’s film premiere. And check out our story for Camila’s playlist of empowering songs. ❤️❤️“The biggest lesson that I’ve learned this year is to enjoy the cake, because you deserve it.” 🎂✨

Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) has a lot to celebrate right now. Not only does today mark their 29th trip around the sun, but it’s also the release of their new music video “Melon Cake” — and we got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look. 👀🎥

“I made this song to kind of stand up for myself and against my inner insecure feelings that I had when I used to want to eat birthday cake but was too afraid to. I want it to be all about body acceptance, body positivity and just being able to make choices for yourself.”
“The music video is kind of a representation of more of who I am today. I’m a very colorful, fluid, free and open person, and I want you to see that.”

Wish the happiest of birthdays to Demi, and check out the making of their music video, as well as their ultimate birthday playlist, on our story now! 🥳🎉🍰Joey + Joel = BFF Goals 👫💕 
Whether on screen or off, actors Joey King (@joeyking) and Joel Courtney (@joel_courtney) know what it takes to be a good friend. 
The two actors star in the @netflix film trilogy “The Kissing Booth” (@thekissingboothnetflix), which follows the inevitable teenage growing pains and the shifts that can come in relationships, especially with those you’ve been lifelong friends with. 
But these two seem to have it figured out, and are sharing the ways they support one another through life’s ups and downs. 
“Life is fast. Life is quick. You’ve got to find time to sit back and relax with your best friend,” says Joey. 
#TakeABreak with this playful dynamic duo and send a little love to your bestie today, wherever they may be. ✨❤️Just chillin’ 
On today’s #WeeklyFluff, meet Gus Gus (@younggus_amongus) — a corgi pup who is the coolest guy around. 
Video by @younggus_amongus“My hair defines all my performance in the world; it’s all that I am. And as my ancestry teaches, hair represents life, so braiding my own strands reconnects me to the earth all the time.” —Afro-Brazilian sculptor and hairstylist Janice Mascarenhas (@janicemascarenhass) 
Janice grew up in a Rio de Janeiro favela and was raised in beauty salons where her mother worked as a manicurist. “I learned that hair was a means of financial survival and ancestral reunion for Black bodies,” says Janice, who now lives in São Paulo. “I believe that Black hair and aesthetics is a narrative that connects Black people throughout the world.” 
“In Rio de Janeiro I saw and experienced so many things. It’s as if anything could happen in that city. I love my beautiful journey through the alleys of the slum, as a resident and then suddenly in places where people have means, but in a servile role. This drove me on; I wanted to achieve everything. Cariocas always want everything. Cariocas can certainly be anything.” 
Video by @janicemascarenhass